Hi, I’m Daniel Eckler, and I’m  the Director of Digital / Innovation @ Anomaly.
You can find me online at Twitter and Medium.

In the past I founded and sold a few consumer technology companies including Piccsy, Mylo, and EveryGuyed.

I’m excited about the future of Augmented & Virtual Reality because once we have a glasses form factor, along with additional complimentary hardware, I believe we will see a shift in human computer interaction significantly more pronounced than personal computers and mobile.

Some of my favorite resources on the topic are Super Ventures Medium, Hamlet on the Holodeck, Ready Player OneSnapchat, and Hyper Reality.

I’m also anticipating the future of autonomous vehicles because I’m curious to see the types of new vehicles that emerge, and what happens to cities, commerce, and the rest of society as a result. Check out IDEO Future of Automobility, MIT Moral Machine, and The Simple Solution to Traffic for a good start.

An innovation from the past I’ve always loved is the design of the Volkswagen Beetle because besides the Coke Bottle it’s the first anthropomorphic mass consumer product I’m aware of, and I am a big advocate of emotional design.

Everyone should check out my project Design for Humanity because it goes into depth on how we can make our experience of relating to technology more human, and fulfill its promise of connecting us more deeply with eachother.